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CHRISTEN LEVESQUE: Choose Shaklee and choose best
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profile picMy husband and I have been working together since 1997. He is a podiatrist and together we operate a sports medicine practice. We love helping people get back on their feet so they can enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle! Over the years we have seen a rapid increase in type II diabetes among our patients along with increasing waist lines, low energy, sleep issues and a host of other medical conditions requiring numerous medications and treatments. I began to notice that these conditions were not limited to the elderly, patients my age were developing these health problems! I was determined not to become another victim of our country’s health crisis. And, I wasn’t going to let it take my family either! I began learning all I could about preventing type II diabetes. I learned that not only can it be prevented, it can be reversed! My husband and I began a quest to eat and supplement best. Not better, there are plenty of better choices when it comes to food and supplements. We want to make the best choice, and that choice includes Shaklee. My husband has lost 60 pounds and no longer has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I’ve lost 15 pounds and no longer have digestive problems. We both feel younger and have more energy. I believe by choosing best, we are in control of our health destiny, not victims. Join us and choose best.

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